A newcomer arrives

The large oaken doors stand tall and mighty in front of the brothers. They seem to quiver in anticipation as they approach them, as if a long held breath will be released when they are opened.

And so our story continues

The adventurers have had a harried battle with devils and demons. After some regretful pacts were made, the party has made it through with nary a scratch among them. The group has decided to rest inside a magical mansion, created by one of their own. And so the story continues…

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The First Post!

When we last left our heroes…they were still going through a dungeon crawl! Although some tasty deals with devils had gone down previously, they are now whole and together again. Will they make it to the end of the dungeon and discover what secrets await? Will the gm finally introduce the story? Was there ever a story to begin with? Will these devil pacts screw the players in the near future? Most assuredly! Indeed, welcome back to the game and the grind will continue! I promise to introduce the plot I’ve put together after all this time by the end of this dungeon. Also, started school early, so posts may be infrequent, so be patient and forgiving or those devil pacts will be even worse than you thought!


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